Zambia is one of the largest copper producers in Africa, and draws revenue from mining companies through taxes and royalties. At the recent Mining Indaba 2018 conference in Cape Town, South Africa, the Zambian Minister of Mines and Mineral Development, Hon Christopher Yaluma noted Zambia remained one of the most favorable Investment destinations in Southern Africa. Hon Yaluma added that Zambia due to the new mining policy instituted in 2014 is a lucrative mining jurisdiction for investors and global mining companies.

Project Overview



Exploration & Research on Manganese Assets

Maxtech Mining Zambia has been established as a subsidiary of Maxtech Ventures.  In conjunction with Maxtech’s strategic development partner GeoQuest, the Company has 2 large scale exploration licenses to explore potential high grade manganese deposits in Zambia in AOl 1 & AOl 2 visible on the map above and they have both been validated by the Zambian Minister of Mining. The Company is actively evaluating more areas of interest where manganese mineralization is visible with an emphasis on researching claims with established histories of manganese occurrences. In addition, Maxtech is seeking further global off-take partners to complete a vertical manganese operation platform in the region.

Strategic Partner:GeoQuest Limited, Lusaka, Zambia

GeoQuest is a fully independent Geological (Geotechnical), Environmental, GIS and Hydrogeological Consultancy and Contract Services Group based in Southern / Central Africa. The company has offices in Zambia, The Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe but has also worked in Botswana, Gabon, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.